viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2016

Back Pages - Brown Notebook - Final Notes From The Watchtower

There are many who feel that life

is but a cut-up poem

But I’ve been through that

- drawing in the distance

the voice from the wilderness

Now a new time is approaching

                                                         and I will set it to music from the outside .

viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2016

Back Pages – Brown Notebook – No Date (Passages of a Speech-Dream)

Passages of a Speech-Dream

   I took a deep breath
   turned around
   an’ ran ...
                       … runnin’ down another road
                    an older road
                    through time an’ dignity
                    an’ I have never taken off my boots ...

                                                     ... t’ make new sounds out of old sounds
                                                            an’ new words out of old words
                                                               an’ t’ shout my singin’ mind

     anything that ain’t got no end’s
     just gotta be poetry in one
     way or another
                                an’ poetry makes me feel happy
                                                 for the lack of a better word

                   endless endless
                   it’s all endless
                   an’ it’s all songs

M u s i c ,  man ,  that’s  where  it’s  at . ” 

( Collage from 11 Outlined Epitaphs” )