martes, 9 de diciembre de 2014

Caravan (5) Early June 1967

Yesterday, I decided to sleep in the basement, you know? The vibe had been especially good, real good vibrations all evening long – the Voice of Conscience microphone was connected and the light felt like a gift from heaven on his birthday. I thought I might just keep the vibes alive if I went to sleep ...

     ... And there, on the basement sofa, I had a dream, you know? I dreamt I could see Dylan like I do most days, on the stairs, just there, as if suspended between levels of reality, like he´s looking at something no-one else can see …

     ... But I also saw him as inside a song, or the idea of a song, and now that is harder to explain … though I´ll try anyway.

      I´ve been thinking about this stuff for weeks: “Downstairs, Upstairs” or “Upstairs, Downstairs”, as you like. How when you see Dylan on the basement stairs you have no way of knowing if he´s going up or down. Sometimes, he does both things at once (I swear, Garth said so the other day too). And when he´s in this trance, the guy always has a piece of paper in his hand, sometimes a whole bunch, and it´s from there that stories and sounds seem to come during our sessions, and they amaze us all, starting with him.

      And I want to make a song with all this, you know? And I´m writing it, though it´s hard to do. Maybe that´s why I still haven´t talked about it with anyone, not even Rick. I don´t know what the hell I´m doing telling you here, now, when I haven´t woken up properly from the dream ..."

     Richard is telling me this the next morning, on the caravan steps, where we are sitting cradling mugs of coffee and something to smoke in the other hand. Suddenly, he stops talking, his gaze fixed in the distance, and it´s like he has gone.
     I get up slowly, leave him to his thoughts for a while.

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