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Caravan (11) Mid-June 1967

     My first session ends with Bells of Rhymney. I haven’t moved an inch in my corner, my concentration quadrupled – two eyes and two ears in solidarity with that tape recorder custodian of a treasure- and I am still engrossed when Dylan decides that that´s it for the evening.

     - We’ll leave it for today – he says looking at Garth whilst unstrapping his guitar. That bass was good, Rick. What about you, Nar, how was it for you?
      - I‘ve been loving it from beginning to end! Quite a trip, from Big River to Wales via a prison in California! Thanks for letting me share it.
      - I prefer not to have an audience in the basement, but if you promise to behave as well as you did today, maybe you could come back down from time to time. Richard says you take good photos, from your accent I suppose you‘ve travelled a long way to get here in that caravan that shines to the evening sun. Maybe you too have something valuable to share....
      - Well, I wish I ...

      Without waiting for me to finish, he throws me half a smile whilst, putting on his hat, he starts to climb the stairs. He stops on the last step but one, with a question directed at the band:

      - How about one of these days we get together with Badger Clark?
      - That’d be cool! – replies Rick lighting up a cigarette.
      - Levon would love that – adds Robbie.
    - I suppose so ... It´s not a bad idea to miss one another, sometimes concludes Dylan, who is now disappearing vertically up the stairs and into the darkness of the night.

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